Saturday 15 February 2014

Sailors Three 1940

Thanks to Dennis Nicholson for putting me onto this title.

The miniature special effects by Roy Kellino and Douglas Woolsey are pretty typical for British films made during the Second world War period. You get the sense that resources were much tighter than for their American counterparts. For one thing Britain was well into the war, materials would have been scarce while America still had another 2 years before entering the fray. The film would have been released around the time of the Battle of Britain.


  1. Dennis Nicholson9 April 2014 at 04:22

    Interestingly regarding Roy Kellino (UK born - named as Philip Roy Gislingham) (Sailors Three SFX) he ended up marrying Barbara Billingsley (the Mum in 'Leave it to Beaver') in 1953 - he died in the US in 1956. He had quite a varied career as a director, producer, cinematographer and SFX person.

  2. The limited resources showed that the Brits had to be more imaginative than their bigger (in some cases Massive) budget American chums..

  3. That last photograph is an interesting contrast in scale. Isn't that the Ajax or Achilles on the left and the Graf Spee on the right?


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