Monday 25 April 2022

Captain China 1950

 This film has a couple of shots of a model ship in a storm. Most of the shots are just crashing waves. The image is so murky it is pretty hard to see anything. The effects were by Alex Weldon.

Monday 18 April 2022

Malaya 1949

 There are a few miniature shots of a cargo vessel as well as sampans and a small sailing craft that looks like it could have been a simple cutout as it is only seen in silhouette. There are also some stock miniature shots from They Were Expendable from 1945 of a Japanese cruiser exploding used as rear projection plates.

The miniature work was supervised by A Arnold Gillespie with matte paintings supervised by Warren Newcombe. 

This appears to be a simple flat cutout.

Matte painted village.

Shot lifted from They Were Expandable.

Exploding Japanese Cruiser shots lifted from They Were Expendable.


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