Monday 3 June 2024

Wake of the Red Witch 1948

This being a Republic Production means that the miniature effects were handled by the Lydecker brothers Howard and Theodore. The special effects credits are sub-headed under-water sequences although there are some miniature surface shots of model ships as well. 

The bulk of the work is indeed in an underwater setting with a miniature shipwreck teetering on the edge of a precipice which eventually slides over the edge. There is also a marionetted diver figure with subtly moving arms and legs along with the emission of a stream of bubbles.


Captain Kidd 1945

One of the better model ship films now in the public domain Captain Kidd has some very creditable miniature ship sequences supervised by Lee Zavitz. The black and white miniature photography is excellent along with the models and the quality background scenic art. 

The entire film can easily be found on you tube and elsewhere online.


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