Monday 2 March 2015

The Great Race 1965

Among a few miniature shots in the film, there is one shot in which a whimsical submarine is featured.



  1. Great movie. Best line ever: "Let's see the Great Leslie top THAT ONE!".

  2. I know where the original is and it might be for sale soon. I tried to post a pic in the comments but this sit won't let me. It's sitting on a wherehouse shelf in Long Beach.

    1. It has moved since it was sold...

      Profiles in History "Hollywood Auction 96" December 11-14, 2018

      Using their pdf catalog:

      On page 280:

      "1025. Jack Lemmon “Professor Fate”
      mechanical submarine miniature from
      The Great Race. (Warner Bros. 1965) Vintage
      original large barrel-shaped functioning model
      miniature whimsical submarine measuring 54
      x 33 x 40 in. Constructed of cast resin, metal
      components, painted wood, mixed media and
      panels made to appear as riveted steel. Hand
      lettered, “Professor Fate” in red on the body.
      With a wooden flagpole with black fabric flag
      with red painted “Fate”. A corkscrew auger
      juts from the bow, and a telescoping periscope
      is at the top of the turret, which features with
      4-clear plastic portholes. Outfitted with a
      fishtail rudder, propeller and a pair of 14 in.
      2-pinwheel water paddles on each side of the
      sub. Embellished with a series of cogs and gears.
      Spectacularly detailed and ornamented. Expertly
      studio painted to appear as an otherworldly, but
      functional steam punk vehicle. A great example
      of the unforgettable fantasy technology and
      vehicles that are a hallmark of the classic
      comedy. Electronics tested and functioning,
      chain gear on port side is missing, front
      headlight isn't functioning. Exhibiting peeling
      paint, production-wear and age. In vintage good
      to very good condition. From the collection of
      Southern California hot rod legend, Stan Betz.
      $12,000 - $15,000"

      Entry includes photo of model and two film stills.


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