Friday 23 April 2021

The Big Broadcast of 1938

A movie musical variety show that features a race between two ocean liners, the Colossal and the Gigantic both represented in the film by miniatures. The Colossal is based on the Normandie while the Gigantic is a futuristic (for the late 1930's) art deco design that features a series of propellers arranged along each side.

Another Art Deco sci-fi design appears in the film in the shape of a flying scooter equipped with fold out wings and a rear mounted propeller, that WC Fields' character flies out to the Gigantic.

The visual effects were supervised by Gordon Jennings.

The whole film can be seen on Youtube.



  1. Gigantic looks to be very much inspired by Norman Bel Geddes' "Streamlined Ocean Liner" of 1932:

  2. Great run down on a film l have still waiting to be seen. Your extensive range of stills has encouraged me to dig it out and finally watch it!


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