Monday 1 January 2018

Brides of Fu Manchu 1966

Thanks to Dennis Nicholson for spotting this title which features a couple of shots of a model ship that appears to have been photographed on location, probably just being pushed on a dolly. The ship looks like it may have been a display model from a shipping company although it does not match either of the two actual ships that were named "Windsor Castle".

It is followed by a dodgy split screen superimposed explosion where the matte line is clearly visible.

There is also a miniature aerial/ death ray and a sort of mountain/ volcano/ pile of rocks which is the baddies base which explodes at the end.

Note prominent horizontal split screen matte line just under both ships.


  1. At least they used a real model. A later entry "The Castle of Fu Manchu" (1969) saved money by not only using a 'virtual' model but in addition...

    "went on to film 'The Castle of Fu Manchu' - a Spanish/Italian/West German co-production shot in Turkey - beginning with Fu freezing the Atlantic and wrecking an ocean liner via spliced in clips from 'A Night to Remember', tinted a spectral blue in an attempt to disguise the fact that they were shot in black in white and the rest of the film is in colour!'

    The above excerpt is from the book "Last Man Standing" by Roger Moore (with Gareth Owen), published in 2014, ISBN 978-1-78243-207-4, pages 233-234.

    I found a trailer that has examples of this footage starting at 00:00:21 - as well as a control room that looks inspired by "Dr. No" (1962):

    "The Castle of Fu Manchu - Trailer - Blue Underground"

  2. Hello

    When you click on the "Brides of Fu Manchu" on the "Model Ship Movies from 1960 on" webpage it takes you to the 'You are here because this site has been rebuilt and all the old links no longer apply...' "" instead of this page.

    1. Thanks for spotting that error. It has now been fixed.


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