Sunday 25 December 2011

A couple of Bogart Films - All Through the Night (1941) , Across thePacific (1942)

All Through the Night (1941)

This movie, about soft hearted gangsters that defeat some Nazi fifth columnists is peppered with some very funny lines and a climax featuring a short miniature boat sequence. Bogart's character is forced at gunpoint by the chief Nazi spy to pilot an explosive laden speedboat at an American warship in the harbour. He manages to turn the speedboat at the last second, leaping out leaving the speedboat to crash into a barge and explode thus saving the warship. Some shots suffer from a lack of depth of focus and there is a general flatness to the painted backdrops, however the explosion is very well done with lots of flying debris coming out of the fireball.


Across the Pacific (1942)

There is exactly one shot of a model ship in this movie, for a rough weather scene... and that's it. Originally the film was going to be about stopping an attack on Pearl harbour, and then the real thing happened, so the setting got changed to the Panama canal. The title stayed the same even though the characters in the film never reach the Pacific ocean. They certainly never cross it.

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