Sunday 9 May 2021

The Sea Chase 1955

 This John Wayne, Lana Turner film has a few shots with a miniature ship in it. While most of the exterior action takes place on a full size cargo ship, a miniature is used for night shots in fog, in a storm and features in a close up on the bow during the opening credits. A British naval vessel also appears as a miniature or possibly only a flat cutout as it is only seen as a silhouette in a couple of distant shots.

The miniatures were supervised by H.F. (Fred) Koenekamp ASC.


  1. Hi there

    H.R (Hans) Koenekamp was longtime chief special effects cinematographer at Warner Bros, from the silent era onward. 'Fred' Koenekamp was Hans' son and was a regular 'director of photography on scores of features.

    I lost your email, but my latest blog has a large piece on THE ADVENTURES OF MARK TWAIN (1944) which has alot of marvellous miniature Mississippi river boat work.

    Keep up the great work.


    1. Thanks Pete. I will have a look at that title. I don't have your email address any more either. In the old days I used to be able to see the email address of all commenters but google changed blogger so I am unable to see them any more. It was a useful feature as it enabled me to reply directly to any commenter that wanted direct contact. Not possible any more.


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