Sunday 27 September 2020

The Ladykillers 2004

This Cohen brothers adaption of a well loved 1955 Ealing comedy has a series of shots of a miniature tugboat and garbage barges composited into a river scene.

The sequences mostly concern the disposal of dirt, bodies and a severed finger dropped from a bridge into the passing barges. The bodies are actually seen to fall right into the barges in one take. They could be miniature dummies and if so they fall quite realistically and start relatively close to the camera. There is a possibility that there may be some digital manipulation going on but if so it is not detectable.

There is a credit for puppets by the Jim Henson Organisation.  They provided an animatronic dog for a suffocation scene where a dog is being resuscitated and for some shots of the ginger cat called Pickles.

Mathew Gratzner of New Deal Studios was the uncredited Miniatures supervisor with the overall visual effects supervisor being Janek Sirrs.

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