Thursday 18 February 2016

Mystery Photograph No:3

Here we go with another mystery photograph I have just acquired of a miniature submarine venting air bubbles sitting on the floor of a water filled tank.

Unfortunately there is no indication of what film this is from so if anybody has any suggestions please use the comment system.

Note there is a photo code shown top right and from what I can figure out the top number is designated to a specific movie title with the second number the photographic negative number in the series.

UPDATE 3/6/2016 - I can now confirm this photograph as coming from Crash Dive 1943 as the code 593 in the black strip on the top right of the photo matches the code on other Crash Dive stills.Thanks to reader Andy for making the visual match to the movie - see comments below.


  1. Destination Tokyo???

  2. This appears to be from the film Crash Dive (1943). Compare this image with the shot of the boat settling on the bottom at about 1:23:20:

  3. Looks like a good match, Andy. It appears to be an unused shot, presumably of the tanks being blown, as in the film the blowing of the tanks is implied but occurs off-screen.

  4. Yep confirmed as Crash Dive, the code number 593 in the black strip on the top right of the photograph matches the code on other crash Dive stills, well done Andy.


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