Saturday 21 March 2015

Sailor of the King 1953

Produced by 20th Century Fox in Britain, this odd little film has apparently two different endings, I saw the one with the happy ending. I can find no information on the visual effects or the miniature effects personnel for this film, there isn't even any credits for special effects.



  1. It's pretty awful movie. The original C. S. Forrester novel is set during World War I, and the protagonist dies at the end, never knowing that his actions enabled the German cruiser to be destroyed by a British squadron, commanded by his unacknowledged father.

  2. I disagree about it being an awful movie. Where else can you hear a real Royal Navy steam siren (later borrowed I believe as a background sound on the Death Star in Star Wars: A New Hope) And you watch some very significant World War II RN ships, including Dido class light cruisers and HMS Manxman, a three stack Abdiel class fast minelayer. The story line, while taking some liberties, is entertaining, the action shots are acceptable, the Germans speak in German, and I found the whole island action pretty suspenseful.
    It's a definite "watch it again!" movie for me.

  3. I've read the book and have watched the older John Mills version (which also takes liberties with the story) as well as Sailor of the King. I enjoy all three, the book and the two movies. You can't go wrong with a movie where Defense Stations and Action Stations in the Royal Navy are played.


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